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The Legion Foundation

The Legion Foundation started when its Articles of Incorporation were filed in Michigan on January 9, 1997.
            On January 31, 1997, we filed an "Application For Recognition of Exemption" with the IRS on its Form 1023.
            By letter dated March 7, 1997, the IRS approved our application.
           We also file annual tax returns on IRS Form 990-PF.
            In accordance with IRS regulations, copies of our Form 1023; the IRS approval letter; and the latest three years of our tax returns are available for public inspection. Due to size limitations these documents are not available by download from our website, but access to all appropriate documents can be provided upon request.
            If you would like to see any of our public documents, please contact us by using the Contact Us page on this site.
            To guard the privacy of everyone who deals with us, we do not release any information about our donors, applicants, or grants other than the information that is given in the public documents described above.

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